New KR-2S Wing Skin Kit Now Available!

A sporty, sleek two-seat design, utilizing wood, foam and fiberglass composite construction


Length			16'
Wing Span		23'
Total Wing Area		82 sq. ft.
Gross Weight		980 lbs.
Useful load		460 lbs.
Baggage capacity	35 lbs.
Take off distance	350 ft.
Landing distance	600 ft.
Stall speed		52 mph
Maximum speed		200 mph
Cruise speed		180 mph
Range			1080 miles
Rate of Climb (light)	1200 fpm
Rate of Climb (gross)	800 fpm
Service Ceiling		15,000 ft.
Engine			VW 2180, Subaru EA-81, Continental O-200
Fuel consumption	3.8-5.5 gph (depending on engine)
Seating			2 across

Disclaimer: The above specs were originally published by Rand Robinson Engineering, and are not all achievable by the same airplane! For real-world numbers please visit the KRnet "Info" webpage, which compares the performance of forty different KRs with various engine and prop configurations.

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