kr1main.gif Ken Rand and his original KR-1


Speed, economy and range. Designed for the first-time builder.


Length                  12' 9"
Wing Span               17' 0"
Total Wing Area         62 sq. ft.
Empty weight            375 lbs.
Gross weight            750 lbs.
Useful load             375 lbs.
Baggage capacity        20 lbs. max
Take off distance	350 ft.
Landing distance	900 ft.
Stall Speed		52 mph
Maximum Speed		200 mph
Cruise Speed		180 mph
Range                   1400 miles 
Rate of Climb (light)	1200 fpm
Rate of Climb (gross)	800 fpm
Service ceiling		15,000 ft.
Engine                  VW 1834
Fuel                    8-30 gal.
Fuel consumption	3.8 gph
Landing gear		Fixed conventional or trigear, or retractable conventional

Disclaimer: The above specs were originally published by Rand Robinson Engineering, and are not all achievable by the same airplane! For real-world numbers please visit the KRnet "Info" webpage, which compares the performance of forty different KRs with various engine and prop configurations.

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